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NURSING COVER Barošanas palags (zils)

100% Elpojoša kokvilna

100% Elpojoša kokvilna


Now you can discreetly breastfeed everywhere!

Indispensable for all mothers who in a relaxed manner want to feed their baby in public: The minimonkey nursing cover. Put the cover over your baby when you want to feed your baby, and look at your baby through the opening above. Privacy is guaranteed, because your surroundings cannot see your nursing baby or your bare breast. The nursing cover is also perfect for mothers who pump!

Breastfeed discreety Watch the baby through opening


The nursing cover

With the slightly raised, soft edge of the minimonkey nursing cover you can watch your nursing baby - but people around you see nothing! The nursing cover protects your baby and covers your upper body so that you don’t have to nurse openly. Many women find it annoying to breastfeed if other people are around. Minimonkey made its own ‘simple and smart’ design, especially for women who go for practical solutions. In addition, the minimonkey nursing cover is very easy to fold and carry.

 Additional benefits

Although the nursing cover is primarily designed for breast-feeding, it is also a great solution for women who pump. Pumping often takes time, but with the nursing cover you no longer need to hide away in another room. An additional advantage of the nursing cover is that your baby can nurse quietly without being distracted by your surroundings. This makes the minimonkey nursing cover ideal for bottle fed babies as well.

Pumping discreet

Simple and smart

You simply cover your baby by draping the cover around your neck. Because of the light and airy material it’s very comfortable for your baby. Another handy detail are the two handy spit towels sewn into each corner for an easy access. At the front of the nursing cover you will find a pouch in which you can put little things, such as a pacifier or wipes. After you are finished feeding your baby, you simply fold the nursing cover into the pouch which makes it very compact and easy to take along.

Spit towel Nursing cover in pouch

Sales information

The minimonkey nursing cover is made of 100% soft, breathable cotton and can be washed at 40 degrees. The nursing cover is available in neutral colors with a nice bright accent color.

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